Actual-Z Overview

If you’re in the consumer lending business you have very specific requirements for calculating and disclosing the terms of the loan or financing arrangement.  You likely know your requirements for calculating the APR, and the penalties for disclosing it incorrectly.  But are you aware of the tolerances on other terms that you must disclose?  Do you know the specific methods you must follow to perform the calculations?

If you figure that your LOS or your dealer’s DMS has this pre-programmed exactly right you’re unfortunately mistaken.  It was shocking to us at Moving Iron Systems when so many lenders, and so many systems didn’t handle this exactly right.  There are several acceptable ways to do it, but one of the worst is to mash together part of one method with part of another – yet too often that’s what we see.

Actual-Z™, by Moving Iron Systems, is a three-part solution to ensure you never get caught with unexpected regulatory risk because of TILA / Regulation Z disclosure issues:


  1. An online verification engine that allows you to confirm all TILA disclosures are accurate before accepting a Retail Installment Contract (RIC) from a dealer or issuing a loan agreement to your consumer.
  2. Batch processing to analyze your current portfolio and identify any contracts that are outside of tolerance on any term, and provide fully accurate figures for all required to disclose terms.  This solution is available starting with just 100 loans, and works for portfolios up to millions of loans.
  3. Revised TIL disclosure statement that is pre-populated with all the necessary information to rectify the situation.


Online Verification Engines and Calculator Product

Access to our online verification engine and calculators starts at just $39.95 per month, and a sizable discount if you sign up for the annual plan.  All plans provide access to up to 10 users.   Choose your option to subscribe now:



Portfolio Analysis and Revised TIL Disclosure Statement Product

The portfolio analysis solution is available now; pricing varies by number of records reviewed.  Actual-Z™ portfolio review provides you the APR, Finance Charge, and all other TILA disclosures using both the actuarial method and following the US Rule method, so you can then choose the best disclosure calculation method for your business.  Generation of Revised TIL disclosure statements is an available add-on, pricing is transaction based and varies based on number volume.

  • For lenders this is intended to help ensure your loan origination disclosure requirements are met in full, and can be applied whether you acquire loans 1 by 1 from dealers and loan brokers, or in bulk whole loan purchases.
  • For dealers and loan brokers we can provide the figures on a loan by loan basis based on the lender that will be acquiring the RIC or NSA, so that it can speed through their funding verification process.

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