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Moving Iron Systems offers several calculation and processing tools.  All products subscriptions are good for up to 10 users in the same organization.


Actual-Z™ helps you ensure you have accurate information for your loans and finance contracts, as well as to help you test your systems to ensure your systems are accurately providing you values that are compliant with federal regulations.  Learn more…

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Payment Date Calculator

TILA Terms Calculator


PayChecker™ help you fight fraud and ensure consumers have proper capacity to make scheduled payments, by enabling you to confirm stated income, determine pay statement irregularities, and find equivalent monthly income for seasonal workers, irregular pay schedules, and self-employed individuals.

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Payroll Verification Calculator

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Vendor Management and Evaluation:

  1. SIG-Lite Template

    Cyber Monday price! (expires 11/30/2022)

  2. Vendor Evaluation Whitepaper (Coming Soon!)