Digital Lending

Moving Iron Systems offers a suite of products and implementation solutions to help you create the digital lending experience needed to grow your portfolio smartly and efficiently.    More and more customers expect financial services, especially their credit and financing services, to be available 24/7/365, and especially to be available on the device of their choice – phone, tablet, or laptop.

The Moving Iron Systems Digital Lending suite includes:

  1. Electronic forms for prequalification, credit application, member and/or account holder application, and more.
  2. Electronically signed documents, with multiple borrower authentication methods available, for use throughout the origination process.
  3. Configurable point-of-sale verification engine for ensuring the completed contract is in line with all approval terms and lender policies.

The Digital Lending suite is intended for use in various types of lending including direct to consumer automotive lending, merchant financing, unsecured personal lending, and is flexible enough to be configurable to most other credit and finance offerings as well.

The Moving Iron Systems Digital Lending solution includes both pre-packaged solutions and options for customized design and development of a digital lending product and operation.  Contact us for more information.

For more about our founder and principal strategist’s thoughts on digital lending, take a look at this webinar John Koehler conducted a few years back on the subject.